After learning that we were having our little miracle baby after being married for nearly 8 years, we knew that water is such an essential part of a healthy diet for both me and the baby.  But water can be dull and boring, and we love drinking fruit drinks and teas found at local convenience stores and cafes, which are loaded with sugar and preservatives.  We knew there had to be a better alternative.  

So four months pregnant with a little girl on the way, we set out to create a naturally flavored, sugar-free liquid water enhancer infused with vitamins B and C. We chose premium all natural flavors and colors imported from all around the world — from places like America, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand.  We also designed the small, portable JuuceDrops bottle with the easy squeeze valve that lets you instantly customize your water wherever you are — whether at home, in the office, or at the beach— you can take JuuceDrops with you ‘Anywhere You Go.’  And that is how JuuceDrops began.  

Because water is such an essential part of a healthy lifestyle — even doctors recommend everyone to drink at least 8-10 cups per day — our hope is that JuuceDrops will encourage you to start drinking more water everyday and actually enjoy drinking more water!  

And since we’ve always had a passion for helping the poor and vulnerable, we are more than happy to donate part of our sales to helping orphans and those in children’s homes have clean, safe drinking water and healthy, balanced meals. Just by drinking JuuceDrops, you too can be a part of forever changing the life of a child!

Thanks for your support!

Witttaya Kaminh
Managing Director Co-Founder

Operational Manager Co-Founder